Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Under the Beardmore by Michael Shea.

I was recently reading A Mountain Walked, which is a collection of Lovecraftian horror edited by S T Joshi. It is a first-rate collection of stories, but I was rather disappointed, because they were almost all stories that I had read before, some many times. Then I came to the last story, Under the Beardmore, by Michael Shea, and it thrilled me so much, it made the whole volume worth getting. I won't spoil it for you, but suffice to say there are all kinds of Lovecraftian things under the ice of that venerable glacier, and they have such sights to show you!

I admired Michael Shea's work immensely, and have a special love for Fat Face and The Autopsy. Now I have found my third favourite of his stories. I am seriously grateful to his widow Linda, who gave me permission to record this story for my YouTube Channel, I hope I have done it justice.  She had previously given me permission to record The Autopsy, and so I publish the links to both of them here.

                                                              Under the Beardmore. 

                                                              The Autopsy part one. 

Michael Shea was quite prolific when he was alive, writing horror stories, fantasy stories and poetry. He was perhaps best known for his Nifft the Lean stories, just up your street if you like sword wielding barbarians. For the rest of us there are his first rate Lovecraftian pastiches. I urge you to check out his author page, and see what tickles your fancy.

Michael Shea's author page on Amazon.

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