Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Shudder Thou No More

It is with great sorrow that I cancelled my subscription to Shudder UK. Persistent streaming problems mean that movies freeze up on my, far more often than is acceptable.  Being told that it's probably my ISP doesn't wash. It doesn't happen on YouTube, it very rarely happens on Amazon Prime, and when it does, reloading the page sorts the problem.

I'm sure you can all imagine how frustrating it is, when you have settled down to a movie before bedtime to effectively have the movie put on hold, or effectively cancelled.

I had a lot of hopes for Shudder UK, I feel we need a good, dedicated horror channel without adverts; and even though the selection was fairly small it was growing. I still have about 20 days left, and I'm not writing it out completely. But I just don't need the frustration!

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