Friday, 24 March 2017

The Colony on Shudder UK

I have recently gotten myself a subscription to Shudder UK, which is only five pounds a month, a bargain.

It's catalogue is fairly small, but growing, and includes a wide range of horror movies, vintage, modern, classics, obscure ones, horror comedies, zombie movies etc. These movies vary considerably in quality, and I have seen somevery good ones.

Tonight however, I saw a bit of a stinker. The Colony, a science fiction horror of the apocalyptic variety. It had it's good moments. The sets are wonderful, the acting is good, there are some deliciously gruesome horror moments, and Laurence Fishburne is in it. Also the much missed Bill Paxton. Sadly though, this film is full of inconsistencies. The biggest one is that, although global warming has inexplicably resulted in a new ice age, no-one appears to actually be cold. We are told that the earth is so frozen that we never see the sun, and nothing can live on the surface. Yet here we see people out on the surface, in daylight, bare-headed and with open coats, one with a low necked blouse on, with nary a shiver. Laurence Fishburne, who's name made me choose this movie disappears half way through, and by some miracle, the vampire cast from 30 Days of Night have survived, given up vampirism in favour of cannibalism, and Marlowe has had his teeth cleaned.

The whole film reads like the pilot for a tv series that was never made, and quite understandably.

Don't let this put you off Shudder UK. I'll be watching another of their films tomorrow.

Marlowe says: remember to floss!

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